InsideOutside Dance Ensemble a charitable organisation based in Brisbane. It is run by Rosanne Stuart, who has strong business and community ties in Brisbane, nationally and overseas.

InsideOutside works with young people with disability, providing them with opportunities to learn a variety of dance styles and to receive on stage performance experiences.  InsideOutside launched in February 2016 and now has over 100 students at six venues across Brisbane, Ipswich, Caboolture and Bundaberg.

Our Missionperformancegroup

  • To provide educational and dance performance opportunities for young people with disability.
  • To create a dynamic, flowing and exciting working environment for our performers, teachers and students through using global best practice to provide the ultimate dance experience.
  • To work with our communities to engage them in positive, inclusive activities that bring all walks of the community together for a common goal – to enjoy dance.



Our Ambassador

Photo by Jade Elhers Photography

InsideOutside’s Ambassador is Australian International model with Down syndrome, Madeline Stuart.  Madeline has not only taken the world by storm in fashion, beauty and advocating for diversity and inclusion, she has also been recognised for her talents are a dancer, and made her London stage debut this year.

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