management team

Rosanne Stuart, Business Director

Rosanne Stuart has been directing companies for the last 18 years. She completed her degree in Building Surveying in 1999 through James Cook University, Rosanne was presented with Business women of the year in 2013 and currently operates 3 companies:

But she still finds time to run the daily operations of Inside Outside Dance Ensemble, and hopes to open InsideOutside Dance Ensemble in 30 locations by the end of 2020 with 50 classes per week to help create a socially inclusive environment in communities throughout Queensland and beyond.

Rosanne’s passion for working in the field of disability runs very deeply. She is the mother of  InsideOutside Ambassador Madeline Stuart.

Rosanne a single mum from when Madeline was born, has fought to create awareness and inclusion for people with disabilities., She is currently traveling the world  delivering keynote presentations and advocating for change around the  stigmas attached to disabilities.

Rosanne has a proven track record in business and  working  closely with Special Olympics, Trades women on the move and Madeline Stuart.