InsideOutside not only offers affordable high energy classes, but students will keep fit and learn valuable life skills including:

  • Confidence
  • Socialisation
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Self awareness


Each student will be charged per term, if you miss a class you are able to do a make up lesson in any of our other classes.
The fee is $16.50 if you only do one class per week and if a student is enrolled in more than one class, the student will be charged $15 per class.
If a student decides to drop a class during the term, the student must cancel their enrolment with a 2 week prior notice and will be charged for those weeks as per the NDIS agreement.
We are NDIS Registered. Provider number: 4050039182


We currently hold classes both in-class and online. Please refer to our current timetable in regards to where each class is held. You’ll find a map of each class location on our Venues page.
Register through our online portal to enroll into online classes.


  • Beginner Yoga & Fitness
  • Hip Hop & Robot
  • Contemporary
  • Jazz & Cabaret
  • Musical Theater & Drama
  • Movement & Drumming
  • Kids Dance