InsideOutside is keen to expand its operations and offer exciting workshops to schools and community organisations that nurture young people living with disability.

Workshop options

InsideOutside can offer a variety of classes and workshops that can be tailored to suit your school needs. These can include:

  • Classes – Included within the school timetable, or after school extension  (hip hop and/or contemporary)
  • 1 hour minute workshop – Hip Hop Taster or Contemporary.
  • Artist in residency – one day program – the opportunity to try out various dance styles including contemporary and hip hop in one day. This includes up to 6 x 1 hour minute classes.
  • Artist in residency – week long program featuring a variety of dance teachers and dance forms, resulting in a mini performance at the conclusion of the week for students to showcase their new skills to the school community, family, friends and the wider community.

Subject to the demand,the number of student to teacher ratio would be:

Prices available on request


Dance 5

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