Denzal Van Uitregt

Denzal aka Denz or “Michael Jackson” is a street dancer and teacher based in Brisbane. He is also one of the key dancers in our performance group. Denzal started dancing at a very young age, teaching himself by watching videos of Michael Jackson. His trademark is his smooth moves and fedora hat!

After graduating from high school, he trained full-time at Raw Dance Company. That same year he competed in his first ever Just Dance competition and won the Australian Championships in Sydney. in 2017 he flew to Paris to compete in the Just Dance World Cup and placed 3rd. Again competing for the world title in Brazil 2019, he placed 8th putting him in the top 10 Just Dance players in the world. Denzal still holds his Australian title 5 years still standing. In 2018 he took part as a cast member in the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony .

At a young age Denzal was diagnosed with Autism – which has never stopped him from dancing. Dancing not only helped him to be a better performer/entertainer, but taught him self-confidence, respect and helps reduces stress and negativity. Throughout his dance career Denzal has made numerous connections with friends, teachers, mentors, fans and famous people. He loves being able to bring joy to all who watch him perform –  it’s what he loves the most about dancing.